At Racks, we’ve walked through the process with enough brides to know what happens from the moment he gets down on one knee. But even with all the decisions and budgeting, planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do!

Engaged? We know what comes next…

1.When he proposes


All those hints paid off – and he even got the ring you pointed out when you “accidentally” walked him past the goldsmith.

2.When you tell your friends

wedding planning

So. Much. Excitement.

3.When you vow to not become a bridezilla

wedding fair in bristol

I mean, how hard can it be?

4.When you try to engage your partner in a conversation about centre pieces


You get halfway through before realising he’s away with the fairies and use the opportunity to get him to agree to the majority of wedding decisions without even noticing.

5.When you send out the invitations and get back more than you bargained for


Suddenly the table plan need to be re-visited. Again.

6.When one of your bridesmaids doesn’t like the dress you picked for them


Your wedding, your day, your decision.

7.When you finally pick out your dress, the dress

It’s fine, you can just take some money out of the decoration budget.

8.When it’s a week before the day and you’re revising your vow re: bridezilla


It was a stupid vow anyway.

9.When it’s the day before and you the relatives start arriving


Did I always have this many cousins?

10.When the day finally comes and at the end of it: MARRIED


If you’re just beginning the journey don’t forget to pop along to our Wedding Fair at the end of January. We’ve got a host of suppliers, from florists to make up artists and our wedding coordinator will be on hand all day to talk through your ideas. Wander the stalls while nibbling canapés and sipping samples of the wedding wines, and by the end of it you might just be one step closer to getting it all sorted!