10 Thoughts People Have in THeir Lunch Hour

Your Precious Lunch Hour

Lunch in Bristol

‘Only a few hours until my lunch break’

Let’s face it, you live for your lunch hour during the working day. You may have just got into work but those 60 minutes where you get to kick back, relax, do whatever you like are all that you can think about – and this obviously revolves around FOOD.

‘I can’t wait until lunch’

So you’ve got ahead and begun to think about what you’re going to eat at lunch but there’s just TOO MUCH CHOICE! Do you head for the vending machine, go for a pub lunch with your colleagues or try out the local café? When you finally get excited and decide to treat yourself to a Rib-Eye Steak Sandwich (or whatever it is you pick) you realise something that turns that excitement into fear…

‘No way have I got time for that’

The walk to the pub or restaurant, ordering, the queues, the wait, the eating – it all takes time and time is precious during your lunch hour. Literally every minute counts and you want to enjoy that hour not rush around panicking about time. Perhaps you shouldn’t go. Then there’s the next problem…

‘I can’t really afford it’

It’s only Tuesday and you’ve already eaten out once this week. How are you meant to keep up with this? You’ll be totally out of money in a matter of days at this rate. You must NOT spend too much.

‘I’ll burn it off later’

Not only is there the whole time and money thing but you’ve really got to consider those calories. You’ve worked hard-ish so far and so it’s no wonder that you’re thinking about treating yourself to something delicious for lunch. Anyway you can just burn it off later by going for a run – Right?

‘Sod it – I deserve a treat’

The moment that you put all of your worries aside. You’ve realised that you deserve a great lunch and there’s not one bit of you that wants to pick up that cold pre-packed sandwich you’ve considered. Congratulations, you’ve made a decision, now go enjoy.

‘I knew this was a bad idea’

All of your lunch hour fears feel like they’re coming true. It took longer than you thought to get there, there’s a long wait for food and you’re going to get about 3 minutes to eat it if you’re lucky.

‘I’m so stuffed’

Why on earth did you eat something so heavy for lunch? Especially when you only have a limited amount of time – 60 minutes to be precise.

‘I’m going to make sandwiches tomorrow’

You’re defeated. You know that you’re lunch hour is not about fun and good times and you only get it because they have to give it to you. Tomorrow you’ll make a ham sandwich and just get on with it.

‘I’m hungry’

Does boredom actually burn extra calories? You may have eaten a big lunch but you can be sure that by 5pm you’ll be ready to go again.



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