Bristol is buzzing with talk of graduation right now and we’re loving being involved in the celebrations (you did know about that, didn’t you? If not then check it out here now). So what’s next for the graduates? We asked graduate and successful blogger Luke from This Guy Can to write a fun guest post about the thoughts a graduate has when stepping out of education for the first time. Over to you, Luke:



You’ve worked hard. You’ve made it through countless late nights with energy drinks, your stomach has survived questionable food choices & dodgy accommodation. You’ve made it! Over a decade in education culminates at this point, you get to walk across the stage, shake hands with someone important in the university and collect your shiny piece of paper (degree.) But what next? Education has pretty much covered your entire life… but it’s a whole different world out there when you graduate. Here are some thoughts you may experience stepping out of education for the first time.

1) If I turn up and say I have a degree will that be enough? Eugh. Why do I need to go through 6 stages of rigorous testing to even get an interview? I have a 2:1…surely that means I’m smart…no?

2) I should have planned my future earlier. I don’t want to return to retail.

3) Was university the right choice? I mean, all my friends already seem to have decent jobs, that and no student debt!

4) Phew. Someone likes me enough to give me a job

5) Will I like my new job? I’ve never worked full time before…what do you mean when you say some people work 50 hours + a week?!

6) I don’t want to live with my parents again! It’s almost like university never happened…but then again I don’t want to spend over half my wages on rent.

7) Can I afford to drink anymore?! I miss being a student! No more £1 drinks at the student union…

8) All my friends from university have either moved away or back home. Where will I find the time to find new ones? Am I even likeable?

9) Council Tax is how much?! That’s like the cost of a whole holiday!

10) I want to be a fresher again and collect all the vouchers for free food and live on that (Free Domino’s…win!) Because food is expensive.

11) Do you think my boss would mind if I just took the day off? I stayed up late catching up on Game of Thrones…

12) Will the guy handing out free samples judge me if I make several passing visits for toothpaste. Toothpaste isn’t cheap!

13) How much should I be saving a month? I can barely live on what I get!

14) I hear they are bringing student loans in for masters’ degrees. I should totally do one of them.

15) What? They’re getting married? I can’t even find a partner. I’m getting old…I’m doomed!

When you first graduate you can feel a little lost, particularly if you don’t land that dream job you’ve always wanted or you’re forced to move back home. It’s not all doom & gloom however, all these thoughts and feelings are totally normal! If you work hard you’ll achieve where you want to go in life!

Guest Author: Luke, This Guy Can


Great post Luke, thanks for sharing with us! If you enjoyed Luke’s piece then why not head over to his blog and see what else he is talking about?


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