1. The Six Nations is one of the oldest cup competitions in the world. The first Tournament was held in 1883.

2. England holds the current record for the number of ‘Grand slams’ won (victories in every game) with 12 wins as well as the ‘Triple Crown’ record with 23 wins.

3. Ireland’s Ronan O’Gara is the tournaments highest points scorer with 551 points.

4. Italy holds the record for the worst defeat in a Six Nations match, losing 80-23 to England in 2001.


More Six Nations News

England’s Cipriani set to soar

After his fantastic input towards England’s win against Italy last weekend, Cipriani says that it’s ‘just the start’ for him and that there’s ‘a lot more’ that he hopes to do. His new appreciation for his position in the squad sees him eager to learn more and give everything he’s got to the team. Good luck Cipriani!

England & Ireland remain undefeated

At almost the half way point both England and Ireland remain undefeated in the Six Nations clash. The next round of matches will provide a pivotal game between the two teams. Racks is set to come alive for the game on 1st March with manager Colin heading up support for Ireland whilst many of the Racks team cheer on England. Who will you be supporting?

What’s Next?

Next weekend sees the return of the Six Nations after a well-deserved break, and if you’d like to be part of the action at Racks then booking is essential. Friendly table service awaits and an electric atmosphere is guaranteed!

Saturday 28th February – 2.30pm – Scotland v Italy
Saturday 28th February – 5pm – France v Wales
Sunday 1st March – 3pm – Ireland v England