Best Ways to Get the Best Seat at Racks

5 of the BEST Ways to Get the Best Seat at Racks

So you want to make sure that you’ve got a decent seat? What is it, a big live sports game? Maybe you’re coming to see live jazz or you fancy an afternoon watching the cricket with friends. Whatever the reason, you want to secure yourself the best seats, right? Well this handy guide will give you the best 5 ways to do that!

1 – Always, always book in advance.

We can’t reiterate that enough if you want to secure a certain spot. You can make your booking in person, over the phone or by using the online form here. When you book, make sure that you let us know what the occasion is and where you want to be. We’ll do our best to make it perfect for you.

2 – Look at the floor plan.

It’s a great little guide to the layout at Racks and will help you to choose the best area for you. Just click on the image below to see it properly.

Live sports venue in Bristol

3 – Visit ahead.

Are you planning your first visit to Racks? Maybe you’ve been before but can’t quite remember each area. Our best tip here is to pop in and see us before you book. Come for a coffee and some brunch or take advantage of the £5 lunch menu so that you can have a look around and see which section of Racks you like best.

Menu for Racks Bar & Kitchen in Bristol

4 – What works for you?

Is this a family get together, a cosy night out for two or a large gathering with a load of your mates? If you’re unsure on the most suitable area then we can certainly help you to choose but you might like to think about whether you need a private flat screen, a cosy alcove or a bit of space in our main Playroom. Large sporting events often have our big screen up but there are also more private areas with smaller screens. Think what works for you and as long as you book early enough, we should be able to accommodate.

Live Sports at Racks in Bristol

5 – Keep ‘in the know’.

Find us on social media or sign up to our mailing list and make sure that you hear about events first. Our offers, live sports and events are often posted on our social media pages and can be the quickest way to find out what’s on. As soon as you see it, click the link and make your booking. That’s how to secure your favourite spot!

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