celebrity mums


Angelina Jolie
We can only presume that Angelina is one busy lady. With six beautiful children as well as being a working Mum who also happens to promote humanitarian causes this lady juggles a lot! In true ‘celebrity mums’ style she is also a very glam mum. You’d be hard pushed not to find something that inspires you about this celebrity mum.

Emilia Fox
The Silent Witness star is not only a working parent but she is also a single parent. Emilia is known to have worked hard to keep a good relationship with Rose’s father – something that we think is commendable. Rose is at the heart of this single working parent’s world and it seems like Emilia is doing a great job too.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Adele and her honesty? Sometimes the glamorous image of celebrity mums can overshadow some of the home truths about parenting. As mum to Angelo, Adele is happy to admit that parenting can be hard work – well said Adele!

Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge
Speaking of glamorous celebrity mums, nobody does glamour better than Kate. Becoming a mum in such a high profile lifestyle is awe inspiring enough but this lady is mum to a prince and a princess – what could be more inspirational than that?

Reese Witherspoon
Reese represents the down to earth and grounded mum of the celebrity world. Mum to her beautiful children Ava, Deacon and Tennessee, this Oscar-winning lady comes across calm and contented. She keeps her feet firmly on the ground by laughing at the realities of motherhood and working with charities too. In the crazy celebrity world we think that’s pretty cool.

So there you have it, five celebrity mums that we think are pretty inspirational. Which celebrity mums inspire you and why?