Gin is Good for you

1 – G&T is a Low Calorie Drink

The average G&T comes with less calories than a banana.

If you’re calorie counting then maybe a cheeky G&T could be a good choice at the end of your day!

Gin is good for you

2 – Gin can make you clever.

The tasting of an array of gins will help you to broaden your knowledge and understand flavours better. Become an expert in the field by arranging one of our Masterclass sessions where you’ll get to taste lots of gin…and learn about them at the same time, of course.

3 – ‘Healthy’ Drinking

Many gins come served with fruit, fresh herbs or even the occasional vegetable – so it’s virtually one of your five a day. We’re always looking for new ways to add more fruit and veg into our daily diets so what could be better than a slice of fresh citrus in your drink?

drinking gin is good

4 – The Science of Drinking Gin

Did you know that drinking gin can be a scientific experiment in itself? There is much debate about the type of glass that you drink your gin from and which ones actually help to enhance the flavour of your G&T. Our Gin Lane menu has a superb selection for you to work through and we can offer you different glasses to try them in. We actually wrote about this in our blog post about this science but why not come in and conduct your own experiments? Tell us which type of glass you think works best.

5 – Gin is Good For You & Stimulates Happiness

It is often said that gin can be a depressant but from our vast experience it is anything but that. Take a look on our terrace on a sunny afternoon and you’ll see lots of very happy, relaxed people enjoying one of our incredible gin drinks. It’s official- Drinking gin in the sunshine actually aids happiness.


So when you come to the end of your next busy day at work and you’re looking to unwind. Remember that gin can be an enjoyable leisure activity that actually continues to broaden your mind and knowledge and is a low-calorie way to wind-down. Obviously we promote responsible drinking so there’s no need to try every gin on the menu in one session (!) but the evidence speaks for itself – drinking gin can actually be pretty good for you.