Reasons to stay away from Racks this summer

Nothing beats a summer filled with good times, great food (al fresco, of course) and long sunny days that spill out into the evening. Great memories are made in long summers and it’s for that very reason that you should stay away from Racks this summer.

Why on earth are we telling you to stay away from Racks? Read on and see…

It’s a bit too refreshing

Popping in for a refreshing drink on a summers day for many is a right of passage, but with our new £2.50 a glass Prosecco offer and our trade mark drinks menu, how can you be so sure it’ll be just one drink?

Racks this summer


You’ll probably bump into someone you know

Racks is certainly a social place, with many a friendly face to be found, so if you’re not feeling especially sociable – probably best to give us a miss!

Racks this summer

We are a gin lovers paradise

Take our Gin Lane for a start. It’s got 14 different gins to choose from. Starting with the world’s most awarded gin, Beefeater London Dry, and including the Hendricks Gin Teapot (served in an actual teapot!) and contemporary options like the Bathtub or Monkey 47. These might be described as some of the finest gins available, so if you’re a bit of a Gin Connoisseur – we might just become your new home.

Racks summer

It’ll make you hungry

We’ve got some of the best food and drinks offers in town, from our £5 lunches to Burger Monday, Pie One Get One Free Wednesdays and Steak Thursday, needless to say it might be time to leave the homemade sarnies at work and scrap those dinner plans!

Racks food in the summer


The terrace is a sun trap

If you’re not looking to top up on the old Vitamin D, steer clear of our terrace, for most of the day the sun does like to hang out there, so if you’re a shadow dweller, better to stay inside!

Racks in summer

Racks this summer

Racks this summer

If you still don’t believe us then come down and see for yourself!