These 5 signs tell every Bristolian Christmas is coming..

Every year, Christmas seems to be arriving that little bit earlier. Each year, in Bristol, a few tell-tale signs appear across the city letting its residents know that the season of goodwill is on its way.

  1. The Park Street lights go up

One day in November, you’ll round the corner or dip over th the hill and suddenly; CHRISTMAS.

  1. The Christmas Steps finally come into their own

It must be a tough life, only making sense for one month of the year.

  1. Bristol radio stations start a game of chicken as to who will play the first Christmas song.

It’s normal Heart FM that cracks first – and once the flood gates are open, they don’t stop until January.

  1. A load of Germans turn up to sell mulled cider and wooden Christmas decorations

And everyone loves it.

  1. Everyone wonders what art the council will put on the pot of the Christmas tree on College Green.

And hopes it’s not the ostrich with a hat on again.

  1. Weather people on the telly say it’s going to snow.

And just in case it doesn’t, the council will invest in snow machine to make people happy.

Keep your eyes peeled Bristol! It won’t be long now…

Don’t forget, we throw a pretty great christmas party, check out our Christmas page for details.