With Halloween just around the corner, what better time is there to share the most chilling ghost stories to hail from our city! Below we have listed the most haunted places to visit in Bristol as well as the terrifying legends behind them!

Discover the most haunted places to visit in Bristol below.

Odeon Cinema, Union Street

Haunted Place To Visit In Bristol
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Have you noticed it’s always pretty chilly inside The Odeon? Well there’s a chilling story which dates back to 1946 and took place on on May 29 at 6:25pm…

On that May evening, The Odeon Cinema, became the scene of a murder. Robert Parrington Jackson, the manager of the cinema was shot and killed in cold blood. The case wasn’t closed until years later when a man named Billy ‘The Fish’ Fisher, confessed to the killing on his deathbed. It’s now believed that the cinema is haunted by the ghost of the murdered manager.

Stoke Park


To all of us Bristolians, Stoke Park and The Dower House which overlooks the M32, has always had an eerie presence. No doubt you’ve heard some spooky stories about the place, Well we’ve discovered the truth behind what really happened on the haunted grounds.

Before the Dower House was a mental institution, the building was owned by a wealthy family. They had a seventeen year old daughter; Elizabeth Somerset. She fell from her horse in 1760 and tragically died. Sightings of her ghost have been recorded ever since and many dog walkers have claimed to hear the sound of horse’s hooves yet no horses have had access to the land for decades… Spooky

Clifton Suspension Bridge


Bristol’s most famous tourist attraction is said to be haunted by more than one spirit. Many have reported seeing the famous and iconic Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself! Unfortunately the Clifton Suspension bridge wasn’t completed until after Brunel’s death but that hasn’t stopped him admiring his work.

Many Bristolians, both walking and driving across the bridge have reported seeing the spirit of Brunel looking up at the bridge whereas others have reported spotting numerous dark figures and shadows near the bridge’s edges.

All Saints Church in Clifton

Haunted Place To Visit In Bristol
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A lot of Bristol ghost stories are located at the All Saints Church in Clifton, where over a century ago around 1840, a number of Bristol newspapers reported a haunting in the house next to the church. And this is where things get spooky. Mr and Mrs Jones, the couple who lived in the house, noticed a presence and reported to see lights flickering, then things got really weird, Mrs Jones was reported to have been possessed!

And this isn’t the only spirit to have been seen at the church. There have also been many sightings of a monk, many say he returned to watch over the treasure which was once hidden in the church grounds.

SS Great Britain

Haunted Place To Visit In Bristol
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Another one of Brunel’s iconic projects, the SS Great Britain, has its fair share of ghost stories. We have chosen a few to share with you, and the first starts with the tragic story of Captain John Grey who mysteriously disappeared one night and was never seen again, it’s said the captain still walks the decks, as many have heard the heavy step of his hobnail boots, doors opening and closing and pianos that play all by themselves.

Other ghosts that walk the ship are a young sailor who reportedly fell from the rigging to his untimely death, and Mrs Cohen, who mysteriously died while aboard the ship, tragically just a few weeks after her wedding.

The presence of these spirits are so strong that TV’s Most Haunted said the ship is one of the ‘top-five’ most haunted places they’ve ever been…

So if you don’t have any plans for this up and coming Halloween, you can take a trip to the places above to see if the legends are really true. If you fancy a bite to eat instead why not chance seeing the famous Racks ghost and take advantage of our popular Penny Pizza Tuesday

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