5 things you probably never knew about St. Patrick’s Day

We are sure most people are very familiar with the celebrations surrounding St Patrick’s Day. It all seems quite simple really; wear green in whatever lavish and outrageous form you deem necessary (the crazier the better), assemble a posse of fellow comrades to battle the marching crowds and bustling bars with and last but certainly not least – drink! There is no shame on this day – so drink and be merry and celebrate a day that has had global recognition for centuries!

Alright – so you know the basics, the ‘need to knows’ but do you really know the history? We certainly didn’t, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 5 things you probably didn’t know about St Patrick’s Day.


1. Is it Green? Nope, it’s blue.

As far back as the first celebrations of St Paddy’s Day, the colour green has always held symbolic influence. However; traditionally it was the colour blue that the patron Saint of Ireland was first associated with. Eventually though, as time went on, green became more appropriate for the day as it symbolized the vast landscape of the Emerald Isle and also the Shamrock which is worn in the lapel, and – lets be honest, who can say no to those adorable green suited leprechauns.


2. Where to first? America.

As surprising as it seems, the very first parade celebrating St Patrick’s Day was actually held in the USA. Due to the increase of Irish people living in America during the 18th Century, the first recorded official meeting for St Patrick’s Day was in Boston in 1737 and the first proper St Paddy’s parade was held in New York City, March 17th 1762!


3. A little late to the race – but no matter…

Despite popular belief, Ireland was almost 2 centuries behind when it came to celebrating St Paddy’s Day. Not so surprisingly though – they’ve certainly made up for lost time as Dublin is a sight to be seen when March rolls around each year!


4. Quality over quantity

As many people are aware the celebrations largely focus on various parades all over the world. Whether it’s a spectacle such as Chicago’s green dyed river or as short – and I do mean literally – as  the small town of Hot Springs, Arkansas who hold a St Patrick’s Day parade stretching just 98 feet, coming in a close second to the small Irish Village of Dripsey who hold their parade between two nearby pubs – 78 feet long; A World Record!


5. Guinness – the drink of champions!

On estimation, figures show that around 5.5 million pints of Guinness are gulped down each day – and if that didn’t shock you then maybe this will; on St Patrick’s Day each year that figure doubles! Yep that’s right, over 10 million pints of Guinness consumed globally on this festive day.

Fun Fact: Guinness only contains 198 calories – perfect for anyone still continuing on with their ‘new year, new you’ philosophy!

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