Advice for bridegrooms

Many brides have dreamt of their wedding day ever since they were a little girl and want everything to be absolutely perfect, the last thing they need is anyone hindering the process and getting in the way of their planning. Often the bridgegroom needs a little guidance here.

We have come up with a simple guide for all of the bridegrooms out there to help them to understand how to deal with their perhaps nervous and tense wife-to-be.

1. Try to maintain some level of interest at all times (even if it’s not completely genuine)

You may have no interest in which shade of pink would look best for the centre pieces, but believe us it is an extremely important decision.

2. Never interfere in your fiancé’s carefully chosen colour scheme

You might think it would be hilarious to turn up in a brightly coloured suit for your big day, but your wife-to-be certainly will not.

3. Surrender to all of your fiancé’s needs

You have a bridezilla on your hands? It’s best to just stay away or give in to anything she wants.

4. Casual conversational invitations are never going to go down well

The table plan is a very complicated process and it’s extremely unlikely that there will be room to ‘squeeze in’ the next door neighbour’s gardener, so don’t try and invite them just because it came up in conversation last week. Your fiancé does not have time for that.

5. Don’t mention feeling stressed to your already stressed fiancé

You thought that your bride to be was stressed when she started planning the wedding, wait until the day before and she is told that her cousins aren’t talking and she’s going to have to alter the seating plan again.

6. Make sure you have your best man under control

If your best man is not the most reliable of people, maybe it would be sensible to look after the rings yourself until the very last moment? Oh and make sure he turns up on time, only the bride is allowed to be fashionably late.

7. Enjoy every moment of your special day

The days of endless stress, worry and just pure panic will all be worth it in the end when you see your wife to walk down the aisle and you realise how lucky you are.


If even after this guide you’re still stuck on how to help your fiancé with the difficult task of planning your special day, why not help her out by bringing her down to Ashton Gate on Sunday 18th October from 11am to 2pm for their wedding fair? We are certain that she will love all of the ideas she will get from the event and she might even find that perfect venue she has been worrying over. Who knows, it may even be Racks that has everything she wants on offer.


Guest Author: Alice Bird


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