A Racks wedding reception is always one to remember and it’s safe to say that we have come across a lot of alternative wedding reception ideas. Below we have shared some with you, as well as some of our own of course. We are pros by now after all.

Bring Bristol to Your Day

Your finances may not understand but all Bristolians are proud to be from Bristol! Here’s a couple of ideas on how to incorporate your hometown into your big day. Forget table wine, let your guests experience a local cider (we recommend Thatchers Gold)! Our favourite Bristol touch though, has to be personalising your cake toppers! And perfect if you’re tying the knot in a Bristol venue.




Give out Hangover Helper Party Bags

Your guests may giggle at the notion of a hangover cure in a party bag, but we all know they will be eternally grateful in the morning. We recommend including some essentials like water, paracetamol, chewing gum and even earplugs and blindfolds. Don’t exclude yourselves, you’ll need these party bags the most!


Source: Etsy


Surprise Guests With a Choreographed Dance

Make it funny, make it jaw dropping, get everyone to join in, it’s up to you. Either way, your guests will love what you’ve been hiding up your sleeves and you’ll have a fantastic first dance. What could go wrong? Okay potentially a lot of things, but let’s not focus on them.


Wedding pinata

Yes, this is a real idea and you’ll be glad to hear (just as we were) that pinatas aren’t just for kids! The idea is that the bride and groom ask their wedding guests to write some advise or nice words on a piece of paper and pop it in the pinata for the couple to smash open after the big day.

Source: The Knot


Have Fun With Social Media

We’ve been spotting these Instaframes at a lot of our private events recently, and have seen how much fun they can bring to a party. The fun part is that you can customise the frames by choosing how many likes are on the frame, which caption to print and which account the photos are coming from!


Source: instagram: @katielever

If this has given you some wedding inspiration, let us know! And don’t hesitate to enquire about our wedding reception venue, we love helping couples achieve their perfect day and are happy to chat to you about our availability!