A Brief History Of Pie!

We love pie here at Racks, Pie Wednesday or ‘Pie One Get One Free’ as we like to call it is one of our favourite offers, and with Pie week on the horizon when we will be featuring a number of special pies throughout the week, we thought we would delve into the history of pie.

First stop – Ancient Egypt



Since the ancient Egyptians, pies have been a great staple in regards to traditional foods. Many different countries and cultures had their own variation of the pie; the Ancient Romans hold the title of the first recorded recipe of a pie, rye dough filled with goat’s cheese and honey. However; the pie that we know and love today found its roots in Northern Europe…



Traditionally, the idea of a hard case enclosing a filling was intended for sailors spending vast amounts of time at sea. There was a need for an efficient and long-lasting way to carry food for long periods of time, and so the majority of the very first pies were filled with meat.



Along with this, pies have held great significance in various other aspects of history. For any Shakespeare fans out there, you’ll probably be aware of his love for tragedy theatre, and in that came many creative ways of killing off his characters; a pie being used not once but twice as a means of murder. From this, there have been other creative uses for pies, countless pie-eating competitions across the globe and also a “Strangest Pie Filling” contest held in California annually,

Fun Pie Fact: Guinness World Record for most expensive pie £8,195!

You can find a lot of weird and wonderful things in this world, there isn’t much these days that won’t have some sort of lavish history behind it – pies included. However; we here at Racks aim for the more simple and traditional.

During Pie Week (6th – 12th March) we introduce 3 new pie specials;

Roasted duck confit pie, garden peas and fresh mint

Merlot braised seasonal game pie, venison, hare, partridge with leek & bacon
* May contain pieces of shot

Shepherds pie with a Moroccan twist served with sweet potato topping

Along with our usual famous pies – we are certain you’ll love these new additions! So come celebrate in style and join us in commemorating the humble pie!