Bristol Graduates


OMG you’ve done it! Weather you’ve worked your socks off or blagged your way through it – you’ve actually done it and we can’t think of any better reason to celebrate. Bristol graduates – we’re here to help.

We’re pretty sure that your time as a student will have already introduced you to the delights of Racks Bar & Kitchen but just in case you haven’t been in before we can confirm that we are quite the ‘pro’ at putting on a party. You know the sort – the ones that keep people talking for years.

So we’ve established that you’ve done an ace job and that we throw an awesome party – there really isn’t much more to this. You NEED to celebrate your graduation with us!

The Bristol Graduation Deal

Bristol graduates party

The heated sun terrace is one nice place to hang out with your mates. Add a cracking BBQ and some pitchers of ice-cold Pimms and everyone is happy. Of course, we can add some other touches if you’d like us too and there are plenty more drinks to be found behind the bar so we’re sure there will be something for everyone.

One of Clifton’s finest pleasures has got to be an afternoon or early evening on the Racks sun terrace with the sweet smell of a smoking BBQ.

Arranging the Graduation Party

Arrange it for you and your mates or get on to your faculty head to arrange it for you (they really should be up for it!). Whoever is in charge, they just need to get in touch and give us a few basic details then we’ll sort the rest to keep it nice and easy. Julia will make sure that your party is perfect and just what you need to celebrate the end of uni.

Celebration Meals With Mum & Dad

If a party isn’t quite what you’re after and your folks are down to join in with celebrating then ‘hello’ – it’s time to tap into the bank of Mum & Dad for one last (?) time. Check out the graduation menu which is available in the restaurant between the 14th and 23rd July.

Find Out More

So be it a party, a meal, something you want to organise for yourself or something you want your faculty head to know about – you can find all of the details on our Graduation page. See the menu and fill in the simple enquiry form and we’ll be able to answer your questions. If in any doubt then just ask about. We’re pretty sure you’ll hear some great stories from people that have attended our famous parties 🙂

bristol graduatates deal