Our Bristol new year’s eve tickets have been selling out fast and we are onto our final batch already! So don’t miss out on our remaining tickets. Please note: Once they are sold out online, we won’t be selling any tickets on the door this year!

Bristol New Year's Eve Tickets

Where To Buy Our Bristol New Year’s Eve Tickets

If you haven’t had a peek at the new year’s eve page on our website then you won’t know that the remaining advanced tickets are available exclusively at our online shop! You won’t be able to buy them anywhere else so don’t even think about looking on Ebay for knock offs – you’ll probably receive a postcard instead! Once you’ve bought them, they will be delivered to you in the post. Your tickets will be dispatched within 2-3 days. If you purchase your tickets after the 16th December, they’ll need to be collected on the door.

Bristol New Year's Eve Tickets

How Much Are They?

There are a couple of different price options. Our early bird tickets for £92.00 are currently SOLD OUT. We only have advanced tickets starting from £99.00 and the remaining tickets will be sold at our standard price of £130.00. That’s a big difference! The earlier you buy them, the cheaper they are!

Bristol New Year's Eve Tickets

If you’re interested in attending our NYE bash, find out what our Bristol new year’s eve tickets include by having a look at our website! You’ll also discover who our amazing headlining act is and MORE!

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