Christmas at Racks 2015

It’s been a busy time over the last few weeks as we’ve been taking bookings and planning things for all of your Christmas parties (If you haven’t booked your Bristol Christmas party yet then find out more here). We’ve stocked up on wine and introduced some gorgeous spiced apple mulled cider – which is perfect to kick start those Christmas parties (and very popular so far). The most exciting event of the last week was the arrival of our beautiful 2015 Christmas tree.

Christmas at Racks

Christmas Tree Supplier

This year we’ve opted for a lovely real pine tree from Frenchay Forestry who we can thoroughly recommend. Are you still looking for your tree or do you have a favourite place to get it from? Due to the nature of our venue (with its history as a wine cellar) some of our ceilings are on the low side so we’ve chosen a shorter but nice and plump tree and we think it’s looks just right.

Christmas at Racks – Fun & Games

Do you have fun trying to get your tree in situ? We did! Getting our tree into its stand proved a little trickier than we had anticipated and we ended up battling with an adjustable wrench to do the job! It’s all part of the fun though and we did giggle our way through it. Do let us know if you have any funny stories from putting your own Christmas trees up!

Christmas at Racks – Positioning the Tree

So the tree is sitting nicely in our Playroom – the private event space but can be seen all the way from the other end of the venue and main bar. It’s putting a lot of smiles on faces this Christmas.

Decorating the Christmas Tree at Racks

Who got the job of decorating? Sophie, our graduate, was lucky enough to be in charge of the decoration this year and she did a brilliant job. She did the entire thing on her own and we think it was a fantastic job. Sophie’s keen eye for detail shows in the pretty decorations that she chose. Sophie went for beautiful rustic natural colours of gold, emerald and caramel with just a few deep reds to boot.

Christmas at Racks – The Finishing Touches

Sophie topped off the tree with a golden star which looks just perfect. If you’re curious about the finished product then you’ll just have to pop in and see us. The above image is just a sneak peek and we can thank Judith Parkyn for sharing this beautiful image with us. Come in anytime, grab a mulled cider and a bite to eat and let us know what you think of the tree!