Step up from the classic G&T with our contemporary Gin Guide which will launch you into the exciting new flavours of gin.

So you’ve perfected the basic Gin and Tonic, you understand the science behind it and which glass to choose (if not then you need to check out this post NOW!). Now it’s time to get to grips with the array of fresh contemporary twists and see exactly what’s happening in the ‘Gin boom’ right now. Here’s a quick and simple Contemporary Gin Guide to give you a great starting point for our Gin Menu.

‘Their selection is exciting, breath-taking and a joy to work through!’No.4 Clifton Village.

New Flavours

Fever-Tree Tonic Water: If you believe that your premium spirit should be mixed with a premium mixer then Fever-Tree is the tonic for you. Fever-Tree has been very lovingly created with 100% natural ingredients only. It’s fresh, light and citrusy yet its bubbles are delicate and smooth on the tongue. This wonderful tonic has become popular across the globe as it’s nationally recognised for its supremacy ( We serve 3 wonderful gins with Fever-Tree tonic: The superb Hendrick’s Gin, the aromatic Ketel 1 and the beautiful yet refreshing Oxley Dry Gin. It’s not just the flavour of your gin that’s important, what you’re mixing it with is equally as important to the flavours that you enjoy.

New Botanicals: Although Fever-Tree is a wonderful tonic, the different botanicals within Gin will require different mixers to bring out their flavours best. For example, our new Gin Mare is served with Fentimans tonic water and served with thyme and basil. These flavours complement the spicy, herby taste of this gin which is made using olives, thyme and rosemary.

A Gentle Gin: Not all contemporary Gins are about packing in the flavours. We absolutely love the very gentle notes of juniper, coriander, cinnamon and cardamom that make up the fantastic Bath Tub gin. We love to serve this with Fentimans tonic and fresh blackberries. It’s a real delight to drink!

Something Different: If you want to try something new and different then we can’t recommend the beautiful flavours of our Saffron Gin enough. It’s a superb blend of citrus and spice botanicals and when we serve it with Ginger Ale and orange peel it is simply fantastic.

The Most Popular?

The Gin that our customers ask for the most is our wonderful Hendrick’s Gin which is served in a teapot (yes, really!). This lovely Gin is served with a garnish of fresh cucumber and rose petals and balanced with Fever-Tree tonic. The flavours blend beautifully in the teapot as the customers laugh and giggle about pouring their drink in this fashion.

The Ultimate G&T

It’s got to be the new Tanqueray 10 – our strongest Gin at a whopping 47.3% which is super smooth and fruity. It comes served with a classic Schwepps tonic, fresh watercress and a large wedge of pink grapefuit to finish.

You Know Your Stuff

So, now you know a little more about some of the exciting new gins available you’ll be well aware that there are so many more flavours to play with. If you’re new to gin (or indeed you’re just a big fan) then you might like to join us for one of our Happy Hours where you can work your way through the flavours with 20% off all drinks.

Happy Hour Times
Monday – Thursday 12-1.30pm and 5-7pm
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If you’ve got the desire to become the next Tom Cruise cocktail shaker then you might like to try your hand at our gin mixing Masterclass?

The recent gin boom has given us lots of new flavours, serving suggestions and let’s face it, fun. So let’s embrace it and spend the summer choosing our favourites!

Disclaimer – whilst gin tasting is lots of fun, we don’t recommend that your work through our entire Gin Menu in one session 😉