favourite summer drinks

Imagine that the sun is shining and you’re sat outside with a bite to eat and some good friends…what’s your drink of choice?

Here at Racks we know that the sunshine brings out the desire for certain drinks and that they taste so much better sipped outside with friends! Here are some of our favourite summer drinks of all:


Of course! Our pitchers of Pimms are a popular choice and regular site on the sun terrace. For us, when the sun’s out it’s always Pimms O Clock!

Racks summer drinks


What Bristolian doesn’t love a good cider in the summer? Be it a tried and tested brand or a local speciality that taste of cider always congeurs up thoughts of festivals, country fairs and great times.

summer cider drinks

Rosé Wine

All glasses of wine appear to be popular with our customers on a sunny evening but there’s just something about a rosé that goes especially well with the summer vibe. Perhaps it’s that fruity mix of red and white grapes or perhaps it’s the blush colouring. Whatever it is, it just works well!

summer drinks rose wine


How could we not include the G&T on our list of summer favourites? Our Gin Lane has become quite the talking point and it’s not surprising with everything from the classic G&T to contemporary twists with unusual garnishes. Have you tried the Hendrick’s G&T with a garnish of passion fruit? If that doesn’t say sunshine then we don’t know what does!

summer drinks

Ice Cold Cocktails

It’s almost as if we feel the need for an excuse to have cocktails. They tend to be saved for something special or different. We’ve found that the sun being out is simply the best excuse – and one not to be missed. We love the fruity cocktails that are poured over lots of crushed ice, so refreshing and a little bit cheeky too.

Summer drinks cocktails


If you’d like to find out more about our summer scene and other drinks then we recommend booking yourself in for our £5 lunch on the sun terrace. Check out the menu here.