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Gin, gin and more gin. That’s what our Gin Lane menu is all about and boy do we have some cracking gins to try. With all of those options we thought it was about time that we put some focus onto one excellent gin to give you a little more insight. Welcome to our…

Gin of the Week: Hendrick’s Gin

As pictured above, doesn’t it look beautiful? Well that’s because it is. This classic Gin is a firm favourite and, served with the light bubbles of a FeverTree tonic, it just has the perfect balance.

We Love It Because:

Although it’s a classic Gin, it works perfectly when given the contemporary twist. As you can see, we serve it with rose petals and cucumber. Not only does this make it look incredible but it gives it a subtle new flavour to dance on the palette. Hendrick’s is one of those all-round brilliant Gins that you really can’t go wrong with.

hendrick's gin of the week

Did you know?

That you can also enjoy the classic Hendrick’s from the fun of a teapot? Yes we did say a teapot. Just ask for the Hendrick’s teapot and you’ll be served your Gin in an actual teapot with teacups and a side order of fun. The popular choice for lunching ladies all over Bristol!

Racks’ Gin Lane

Do you want to see what else we have on offer? We think you’re going to like it. Just click on the image below to see the famous Racks Gin Lane.

gin of the week at Racks

Gin Masterclass

Do you want to have some fun tasting gins with us? We’ll make sure that you have a fun afternoon or evening packed with Gin tasting and throw in plenty of gin knowledge and handy facts for you to take away. Could this possibly be the best way to spend any afternoon or evening? Try it and see! Click on the image below to find out more.

gin masterclass