Good News from Racks!

We’re gearing up for opening as soon as it’s safe to do so. Hopefully this will be on or around July 4th (or the 22nd June if that’s possible) . In the meantime, our team our working hard to make Racks as safe as we possibly can for you whilst also ensuring we can deliver everything you have come to expect – ice cold beer, delicious food and some great deals and offers. Oh, and I should mention that in March we were awarded a 5-star rating for food hygiene!

So,  what are we up to?





  • Developing an App so you can order from your table
  • Extending our outside space to include all of the area around the ‘back’ of the building (in the sunny bit)
  • Spacing out all of our tables so that everyone has plenty of room
  • Drawing up a new Summer menu
  • Finalising our staff training and new systems

Stay tuned for more updates as Independence Day draws nearer.



In line with government guidelines, table sizes and guests are restricted as follows:

  • Inside Tables: Only groups from up to 2 households
  • Outside: Tables up to 6 from any number of households. Groups from 2 households may have larger tables.