Well, why not? These beauties are so easy to make at home and add a little ‘naughty’ to your afternoon. We’ll show you how to make them, trust us it’s so easy, and how to add a twist or two.

Step 1

Start with your normal ice-lolly moulds. It doesn’t matter what shape they are and to be honest, if you don’t have mould then you can just make mini ice-cube size ones. If you do do that then see if you can get hold of some lolly sticks to make them easier to enjoy.

Step 2

Half fill them with the vodka of your choice and then top them up with your choice of mixer. We’ve found that lemonade or fresh orange juice works really well but you could use tonic, cranberry juice or whatever else you fancy. All you need to worry about here is keeping the mould steady whilst you pour them in.

Step 3

Pop them in the freezer. This might seem simple but you need to be careful not to spill any of the precious contents as you do it. Make sure you have a flat space in your freezer before you start – trust us: we’ve tried making space with one hand whilst holding the lollies in the other…

Step 4

Now it’s a waiting game. Probably best to pour yourself a nice refreshing vodka and tonic while you wait. In fact you could be waiting hours so fire up the BBQ and make an afternoon of it.

Step 5

Enjoy them – just like you would with any other lolly…except this time you’ll enjoy it just a little bit more.

Tips & Twists

• Swap the vodka for Pimms – it makes a great lolly!
• Maybe you’re a G&T person? Well luckily that makes gorgeous lollies too and you’ll have lots of choices with your mixing options – so enjoy it and try several.
• Add a little fruit inside your lollies. If you’ve made G&T then you might enjoy a slice of lime in the lolly. If you’ve opted for Pimms then try little pieces of apple or strawberry and if you’ve made vodka lollies then a slice of fresh orange will be great.

So there you have it – super easy vodka lollies that you can whizz up on the morning of any sunny day and enjoy them by afternoon or evening. Let us know which ones you try and if you have any other delicious options.


  • Featured image source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/07/01/six-alcoholic-ice-lolly-recipes-summer-heatwave_n_7703102.html