Do you want to know how to throw an amazing Hawaiian Party?

Whether you’re going for a traditional Luau or just a super fun party, the Hawaiian party is all about large groups of family and friends getting together to enjoy a feast and have great fun. With that in mind, we can’t think of a better theme for a party at Racks!
If you’re thinking about throwing a party this year then have a look at these fun ‘Dos & Don’ts’ to help you get the theme spot on.


• Top Tip: Don’t BBQ in a grass skirt!

• Don’t throw the starters on a platter of grass – Lay them beautifully with giant leaves (Palm or banana are best) then decorate with edible flowers or slices of citrus fruits to garnish.

• Don’t stick a pineapple on the table as your centrepiece – mix exotic flowers with fruits and foliage to give a much more impressive look or lay out a giant fruit platter on top of a surf board!

• Do – Don the Hawaiian shirt. Nothing sets the atmosphere better and your guests will have fun choosing the loudest / craziest colours.

• Do serve cocktails! Mai tais, Daiquiris, and Pina coladas set the scene perfectly or go for pitchers of fruit punch and serve it in coconut shells with straws and umbrellas!


• Do limbo! Limbo actually originated in Trinidad rather than Hawaii but come on, who doesn’t love a bit of limbo?

• Do consider the services of a professional hula-hooper. Get everyone swinging those hips, organise them to teach you all or put on a bit of a show.

• Do think differently. Grass skirts aren’t just for wearing; use them to decorate pretty much anything. They make great trims on chairs and buffet tables.

• Do decorate with colour. Tiki torches, tropical colours and coconuts make the perfect scene. Hang hula hoops around fences or perimeters. Wrap florist wire around them and attach big silk flowers, and bright crepe paper streamers. The more flowers and colour, the better.


• Do Give leis to your guests. You can get cheap colourful and pretty ones very easily or go authentic and get your local florist to make some up with real flowers. Everyone will love them.

• Do play games. Try ‘spear throwing’ but substitute spears with darts and throw them into a water-melon or keep things simple with a game of ‘Pin the tail on the pig’.

Round it off with some great food and some Hawaiian beach music and we’re pretty certain that you’ll have one of the best parties you’ve ever enjoyed.