Meet the team: Cameron

Today we’ve got another team member to introduce to you: Cameron Bessant. If you’ve read our previous posts on Colin, Vera, Julia and Vivi then you’ll be building a picture of what a fantastic and lively team we have here at Racks. Cameron Besant is our newest member and works among the entire Racks Group. So without further ado, let’s find out more.

Cameron is the new design & marketing manager for Racks Group and part of the wider marketing team for Quarter. He has only very recently joined us and it’s now his job to guide our marketing team to help promote us as a group, from our food and drink offers to events such as weddings and private parties. In his words:

“I work with a really talented team and they have really helped me settle in”

As Cameron is the new guy I wanted to dig around a little to find out a bit about what he has done in the past. I’m glad that I did as it all sounds very exciting and shows that he has a wealth of experience. Here’s what Cameron had to say:

“Before I started here a few weeks ago I was working in Formula 1 hospitality as the marketing manager for a private company who specialised in high-end travel packages to F1 races as well as events like Milan Fashion Week, Wimbledon, Red Bull Air Race and even VIP events like the Oscars. Our main event was the Monaco GP, I was lucky enough to go the past 2 years, great experience but very hard work!”


With such an exciting background I was wondering what exactly that Cameron was looking forward to next and his answer shows just what a great member of the team he is set to be:

“There is a lot of scope for developing my team, everyone is really keen to learn and I think it’s going to be really rewarding to see everyone get more skills and more confidence, myself included – You never stop learning in a role like this so I’m definitely excited for the future.”


We all know that Racks is a great place with a unique feel and a superb network of loyal and long-term customers but I was wondering exactly what stands out about Racks to someone new coming in. I asked Cameron what his first impressions of Racks were and what stood out as our best qualities:

“At the risk of repeating myself haha, the team! Not just the marketing department but everyone I’ve met has been really professional, everyone really wants to do well and it’s a really great environment to work in, it’s really easy to get a new ideas moving.”

So if the team is so great, I wondered who stands out as one of the biggest characters in Racks:

“I’m still getting to know everyone but I’d have to say Colin the Restaurant manager


One of the perks of working at Racks is that the fantastic food from the menu is readily available should we wish to indulge (which we often do!). I knew that Cameron must’ve been tempted already and so I asked him what he is most looking forward to trying:

“I’m a massive fan of roast dinner (most important meal of the week) I’ve heard great things, so definitely will be popping down one Sunday to see for myself! In the week I have been having a lot of salads and The Square (our sister venue) have gotten me a bit hooked on Salmon.”


Our Gin Lane menu is very popular so I asked if Cameron had ‘treated’ himself yet:

“Not yet but I’m going to be treating myself to a Hendricks Gin Tea Pot on my birthday”

That’s not surprising, it’s a popular birthday treat! But if that’s Cameron’s treat, what is his usual tipple?

“It’s pretty seasonal to be honest, I like Guinness and Ale in the winter but when summer beer garden season comes around it’s lager and cider for me”

Luckily for him, our manager Colin is an expert in teaching our staff how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, our real ales are rather good and our sun terrace comes alive in the summer season with ice cold drinks, especially cider. I wonder if anyone has told him about our lovely mulled cider at Christmas time yet?

So apart from looking forward to lots of ‘perks’ at Racks, what exactly does Cameron do to let his hair down when he’s not working?

“I DJ in my spare time as well as promote a night so I tend to spend a lot of my free time listening to music and cooking, as well as of course a few trips to the pub”.

We’ve asked everyone else so we’ll ask Cameron too: What is his guilty pleasure?

“I can’t help but watch Don’t Tell the Bride if it’s on, enough said.”

Yes, we agree…enough said!