This New year’s eve, we will be welcoming back our vodka ice luge. Much more than just an ice sculpture, our vodka luge, super cools alcohol, making it Ice Cold! Always a big hit at our new years eve party.

new years eve in bristol

What is a vodka ice luge?

A vodka ice luge is essentially an ice sculpture, but with a difference. A tube is drilled into the middle of the sculpture so you can pour vodka down it, catching the ice cold shot at the bottom with a glass (or even your mouth, if you’re brave enough)! Our ice luge will take hours and hours to melt away, pretty cool eh? (sorry couldn’t resist the pun).

new years eve in bristol

The super chilled ice luge is tied in with the FREE BAR all night, which comes with your ticket, canapés on arrival, full carved buffet, casino, DJ, Live Band and even a magician.

If this sounds like the new year’s eve party for you, grab your ticket HERE.