Here at Racks we love a summer tipple, from Pimms on the terrace to pints of Mojito, but a nice cold cider is undoubtedly our favourite, so we are very excited to have Rosie’s Pig – Rhubarb infused cider on tap. The latest creation from our friends at Westons Cider.

Rosie’s Pig was a big hit at our festival ‘HowTheLightGetsIn’ earlier this year and we are sure it’s going to be a winner here at Racks, so to introduce the Cider we have invited Westons Cider to tell us a bit more about Rosie’s Pig.


Here at Westons Cider Mill, nestled in rural Herefordshire, we take great care and immense pride in using traditional cider making techniques. Henry Weston moved to Much Marcle, Herefordshire back in 1878 and started making cider as a hobby on his farm. He paid his farm workers in cider, and soon realised he was onto a winner when they’d end up too squiffy to work! We don’t pay our staff in cider anymore, but our ciders are still made using the same techniques.


The names of our Rosie’s Pig Festival Range; Flat Tyre, Handbrake and Old Banger all relate to The Pig, which was one of Westons very first delivery trucks. It was named The Pig due to its temperamental nature- being a ‘pig to start’ and a ‘pig to drive’!


We’ve created the new Rosie’s Pig Festival Range to get more folks interested and willing to try out traditional, cloudy ciders, as well as bringing something different to the fruit cider table. Last summer, we launched the Old Rosie flavoured range, and the cloudy rhubarb cider was such a hit, we just had to bring it back this year.

Our Old Rosie and Rosie’s Pig cloudy ciders are all about being slowly matured and taking our time to mature the liquid, creating tasty, authentic cider. Harvest starts in September, with the entire mill buzzing with excitement and activity, not to mention the delicious smell of apple juice filling the air. From here, the apples are carefully washed and sorted, then milled and pressed into fresh juice before being fermented and matured for up to 18months. It’s then that the base ciders are blended with rhubarb juice by Guy Lawrence, our cider maker. Guy just so happens to be 5th Generation of the Westons family, and has some amazing stories of running riot in the orchards as a child!


As passionate about great cider as he is, Guy loves to be ahead of the game and is forever playing around with flavour concoctions for us to test- it’s a hard job! The rhubarb flavour really creates a deliciously moreish cider, with the tart finish ensuring it’s not overly sweet but just right. With more and more flavours hitting the shelves, we’ll always make sure we offer something different with future innovations for you to enjoy.

We hope you continue to enjoy a cider tipple in the sunshine (fingers crossed) at Racks…


Big thanks to Westons Cider for this guest blog, of course you can come and try Rosie’s Pig here at Racks all summer long! Why not get some friends together for a Summer Party and enjoy a few in the sun!