£5 Lunch menu

Firstly we’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year indeed. We hope that your festive celebrations over Christmas and New Year were fantastic and that you’re raring to go for 2016. If you were lucky enough to get tickets for our New Year’s Eve party then you’ll know it was amazing! Have you seen the photos on our Facebook page? If not then head over there now – there are some real crackers!

Healthy 2016 Menu at Racks

After a well-deserved break The Racks Team are refreshed and feeling good. We know that many of you will be counting the calories and trying to claw back those pre-Christmas bodies so we’ve added some special healthy options to our menu this month. We’ve done all of the calorie counting for you so you can still come out and enjoy yourselves with us. See the delicious options below:

  • Sweet Chilli Chicken Pitas with Lime Yoghurt & Rocket Salad, 33o kcals – £5
  • Lamb Kofta with Courgette & Pumpkin Seed Rice & Tzatziki, 410 kcals – £8
  • Beef Goulash served with Basmati Rice, 486 kcals – £8.50

Healthy 2016: Live sports at Racks

Aside from our healthy options, January also has plenty of great sporting action on our multiple screens. Visit our live sports page to find your game and book a table or see our schedule for this weekend listed below and click on any game to make your booking. If there’s something that you’d like to watch but you don’t see listed then please do get in touch. If we can play it for you then we will.

Fri 8th Jan 2016 7.55pm Exeter C v Liverpool Football FA Cup 3rd Round
Fri 8th Jan 2016 7.45pm Bath Rugby v Sale Rugby Union Aviva Premiership
Sat 9th Jan 2016 3.15pm Leicester T v Northampton Rugby Union Aviva Premiership
Sat 9th Jan 2016 5.30pm Man Utd v Sheff Utd Football FA Cup 3rd Round
Sun 10th Jan 2016 2.00pm Chelsea v Scunthorpe Utd Football FA Cup 3rd Round
Sun 10th Jan 2016 2.00pm London Irish v Newcastle Rugby Union Aviva Premiership

A Healthy Balance: Sunday Roasts at Racks

After all the hard work and celebrations over Christmas we know that you deserve a break so let us do the hard work this Sunday and join us for what we believe to be the best Sunday Roast in Bristol. If there’s a few of you then do let us know and we can book a private area for you. Maybe you’d like to have the sport on one of our screens too. Book a table online and we’ll go from there.

However you’re kick-starting your new year and healthy start we wish you all the best,

The Racks Team.