Who loves Bristol as much as us? Did you know that Racks source most of their drinks, food, furniture and decor locally? We’re a sociable venue and we get a lot of people coming to us for drinks and end up chatting about ideas or supplies. Let’s be honest: that makes our job nice and easy! We don’t usually have to go searching for great suppliers because they’re all around us. Obviously we want to provide you, our customer, with the best food and drink as well as a cracking atmosphere that’s exactly what you need, so nothing but the best applies. We’re all about thinking smarter not harder and so there is a simple answer when looking for our suppliers. We just use bloomin’ great stuff that’s on our doorstep. We keep it local and keep it friendly – job done.

Cracking Steaks and Locally Sourced Meat

You know that brilliant little local butchers in Clifton, Ruby & White? Well we are lucky enough to have a fantastic relationship with them. Everyone loves getting beautiful meat from these guys and we’re no exception. A chat and a bite to eat – let’s call it a ‘business meeting’ – over some cold drinks and we formed the beginnings of a beautiful business partnership with Ruby & White. The rest, as they say, is history. If you’ve tried our Sunday Roast  or our rib-eye steak will know what we’re talking about. You can’t beat it – it’s cracking! (Give our Easter Steak Out a try this bank holiday!)

If you want to find out about the science behind this great tasting meat then read what Ruby & White had to say here.

locally sourced meat

The Local Charm of Racks

It’s no secret that we’ve got our own unique style here at Racks and our customers are often telling us how much they love it. We admit that it takes a bit of vision from a talented few people but our job was made all that bit easier because of the love of a good pint. We struck up a great relationship with Park Furnishers right at the heart of Racks – aka by the bar. They had some brilliant ideas and after some teamwork we managed to create something special.

We wanted some really unique pieces of statement furniture that help to show Racks off at its best but also to build the character that we knew Racks had. Now we’ve got a set of cracking spaces to enjoy. When you dance the night away during your private party you’ll be miles away from the boring space of a village hall and when the boss asks you to set up business meeting he certainly won’t be expecting the trendy atmosphere of Racks. If you’ve got to have a ‘business meeting’ then you may as well make it as pleasant as possible!

Bristol’s very own Park Furnishers were exactly what we were looking for: different, fun and friendly, right up our street.

‘At Park Furnishers we aim to satisfy the desires and aspirations of all our customers. That’s why as well as offering popular ranges of furniture, we also have an extensive range of extraordinary statement pieces. An example of this is the Revival range that we were proud to supply to Racks Bar & Kitchen’ – Paul, Park Furnishers.

locally sourced furniture

Local Ales

We wouldn’t be keeping it local if we didn’t stock some fine ales from our local area. We believe that we have some of the best that there are by using Bath Ales:

“We are proud to have been the region’s favourite brewer for over 20 years, producing a diverse range of quality ales that are in demand. Our own favourite is still Gem, but all our ales have the distinctive hare logo, which is actually an ancient symbol for fertility!”

So there you have it folks – if you’re trying for a baby then you need to get down to our pub and drink real ale!