Gin Masterclass in Bristol

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect Gin and Tonic? The problem is that there isn’t an exact marker for how much tonic to add, what the ‘right’ amount of ice is or whether you should opt for a wedge of lime or a slice of lemon. If you’ve ever come across this confusion then this post is for you. We’re going to explain a little bit of the basic science behind the flavour of your drink and show you exactly how to make a simple G&T, perfectly.

Gin comes in a variety of forms and each one is made up from a mixture of botanicals which give differing tones to the taste. Just take a look at our Gin Menu here to see the variety. Contemporary Gins can be served with all kinds of flavours to enhance their specific aromas but most Gins will include lemon peel in their make-up which is why your traditional G&T is usually served with a lemon slice.

Did you know that around 80% of what you taste has come through your nose?
Not literally, because that would be quite odd, but what you taste is strongly connected to what you smell. Much of the aroma and flavour of a G&T is carried within the bubbles and so with that in mind you’ll want a larger surface area which will allow for as many bubbles as possible to rise to the surface and give off that delicious aroma.

The colder the drink, the slower the carbon dioxide molecules (aka the bubbles) are released.
Keeping your drink as cold as possible will keep it fizzier for longer. The longer it stays fizzy, the more aromatic it also stays and as you already know, that means a great taste. So in addition to plenty of ice, keep your ingredients cold too. We’ve found that storing the tonic in the fridge works wonders.

So now you’ve picked up some key information to help you put your Gin together. Let’s presume that you’ve opted for a standard Gin, here’s your quick step-by-step guide to putting it together:

  • Choose the perfect glass. Consider a glass with a wide top to allow more of those bubbles to rise up towards your nose.
  • Put plenty of ice inside your glass to keep that drink colder for longer. Aim for just below the half-way point.
  • Take your chilled Gin and pour over the ice until around a third of the glass is full.
  • Pour chilled tonic water over the Gin and to almost the top of the glass.
  • Take a wedge of lemon, give it a quick squeeze into your drink and drop the wedge into it.
  • Take up your position in the sun and sip away.

While not essential, this drink always tastes better in the sunshine.

Now that you’ve learned how to make the perfect G&T you can gather your friends and wow them with your new skill then enjoy!

Gin Masterclasses
Want to learn more? Come and have a go a mixing your own G&Ts. Experiment with flavours and have fun with your very own Gin Masterclass