Love burgers but also want to go meat free?

Come and check out the awesome Moving mountains burger!

Try it half price in January, with our 50% off mains offer! (Monday – Saturday)

Available now on our on our New Menu!


Our new menu hosts a huge variety of delicious choices and we are so excited to finally introduce so many vegan alternatives. One of these changes is the Moving Mountains Burger ®.

This delicious burger is a vegan classic, and if you haven’t tried one yet then now is the time to! Vegans and non vegans alike will love it. This 100% plant based burger patty, resembles everything that non-vegans enjoy about regular beef patties – simply without the beef!

The Best Vegan Burgers On The Market

GQ Magazine

Made from a mix of Cocoanut Oil, Beetroot, Plant-Proteins and Mushrooms that all give it a meaty texture while being 100% plant! They’re also packed with Herbs, Spices as well as Vitamin B12 for extra nutrients, so not only is it barely distinguishable from actual meat, but it’s also really nutritious, WIN, WIN

Along with all of our other classic burgers, this newest addition is part of our 2-4-1 burger Monday offer, if if you want to come and try the Moving Mountains Burger in Bristol then head on down, be sure to let us know what you thought!.

Whether you made the change years ago, are a Newbie on the vegan train or still enjoying your non-vegan food, our new Moving Mountains Burger is a must try on our new menu!

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