What greater way to get out and see the wonderful colours of autumn and to taste them as well than to go fruit picking. ‘Pick your own’ farms and venues are the best, but finding a patch of wild raspberries can be a wonderful delight while out on a walk. In this season during October apples and raspberries are in full swing, with tomatoes, grapes, corn and most vegetables also able to be picked. Blueberries and peaches could still be found but are starting to fade.

Remember to take a basket or tub with you and stock up on as many as you can! The fruit can be eaten fresh or taken home and kept in the freezer ready for Christmas cakes and puddings!

Another great day out at this time of year are corn mazes, these are a great place to take kids, with larger ones being exciting both adults too. Although let us not forget the pumpkin patches, which are in full growth ready for the end of October and halloween. Make sure you find a big one ready to be carved!