Irish bar in Bristol

Something amazing is about to happen at Racks and for one night only. The entire venue will be transformed into an Irish Bar! ‘Why?’ I hear you ask? Because we’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day in ‘proper’ style.

It’s got to be said that St Patrick’s Day is one of manager Colin’s favourite days of the year. As a passionate Irish man he is keen to show our customers a real good time – Irish style. So as you can imagine, we don’t do it by halves here at Racks!

When Will Racks Transform into an Irish Bar?

All day and all evening on Thursday 17th March – that’s St Patrick’s Day, 2016.

How Will Racks Become an ‘Irish Bar’?

Well we’ve booked an incredible live band for a start. Expect decorations, traditional Irish music, a healthy supply of Guinness and of course a delicious Irish menu to enjoy. Top it all off with an incredible atmosphere (and a very chirpy manager) and you’ve got one heck of a St Patrick’s Day to enjoy.

An Irish Bar with Food

For one day only our Irish menu will be available and throughout the day there will be different options. What will you choose: breakfast, lunch or dinner in our ‘Irish bar’?

Irish bar food St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day Guinness

No Irish bar would be complete without the flow of a good Guinness and so our Irish bar will have plenty of it in stock. Even better than that, it will be on offer all day long. Raise a glass to the Irish and celebrate with the best Guinness in Bristol this St Patrick’s Day.

St Patricks Day Irish Bar

The Irish bar Where Bristol Meets Ireland

We may be transforming the venue into an Irish bar for the day but did you know that we have our very own Irish folk band here in Bristol? The brilliant Bristol Folk Club will be entertaining us and keeping those toes tapping throughout the festivities.

Join Us for St Patrick’s Day in Bristol

We’d like to extend our invitation to you and your friends. Come down and join in the celebrations any time of the day or evening and let’s make this a ‘craic-ing’ St Patrick’s Day in our ‘Irish bar’ – for one day only.


Irish bar in Bristol