Top Gin at Racks

Our Gin Lane menu has become incredibly popular here at Racks but we often get asked which one is the best. Although that’s not easy to answer, we’ve gathered the team together for a ‘tasting’ session and chosen our current top 5 for you. It was a tough job but, for you, we felt we had to!

Nothing but the best: Beefeater London Dry Gin

We choose Gin to go on our menu carefully and so, of course, we have the very best. Beefeater London Dry has earned its place on our menu as the world’s most awarded gin and everyone agreed that we could see why! At 47% it packs a serious punch and comes served with the beautiful Fever-Tree tonic water. If you’re looking for the best, classic G&T then this one is for you.

‘Tea’ for 4: Hendrick’s Gin Teapot

Sat in the spring sunshine on our terrace we couldn’t find anything more appealing (or British) than this lovely ‘afternoon tea’. Our Hendrick’s Gin Teapot was the best way to enjoy this very serious tasting session this spring. Our top tip: Pop out for a cup of ‘tea’ and add some style by choosing the classic Hendrick’s – it’ll make you smile.

hendrick's gin

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Taste the Exotic: Star Of Bombay

When searching for something a bit more exotic we just had to choose this long aromatic gin with an underlying spiciness. This cheeky gin is our strongest at a whopping 47.5% and, served with the best Fever-Tree tonic water, is sure to liven up your day.

The Beautiful: Saffron Gin

A firm favourite with many of us, this gin comes packed with beauty both in looks and taste. Everyone agreed that the blend of citrus and botanicals in this gin have produced the most fantastic taste which, served with Ginger ale, allows for a taste explosion that leaves you wanting more!

Get Modern: Monkey 47

This cheeky gin drew the attention of some right from the start of our session. It’s contemporary gin which is woody and grassy with the sweetness of pine as well as spicy and herby with a twist of citrus. There’s a lot going on in this gin but the result is brilliant. We serve it with a lovely Fentimans tonic water and are sure you’ll love the fresh, modern taste.


Of course our ‘hard work’ is all subjective. If you’d like to try your own ‘tasting’ session to choose your very own top 5 then take a look at our Masterclass where you can do just that. Don’t forget to share your photos and ultimate top 5 with us afterwards!

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