British Pie Week
2nd – 8th March 2015

Pie lovers up and down the country are coming together for a weeklong celebration of the delicious art form that is the pie.

Here at Racks we’ve got an exceptional pie menu for you to enjoy. Our chef has come up with some exciting new flavours which will be cooked to perfection for British Pie Week 2015.

Roasted Greesingham Duck & Spring Vegetable Pie

The unique Greesingham Duck was created by crossing the Wild Mallard with the Pekin. The result is a bird renowned for its high proportion of wonderfully succulent and flavoursome meat.

Chicken, Sweet Potato & Blue cheese Pie

Although the softer orange variety is often called a Yam, in parts of North America, the sweet potato is botanically very distinct from the other vegetable called a Yam (which is native to Africa and Asia).

New Season West Country Lamb & Vegetable Pie

We buy our Lamb from local butchers Ruby and White who select our free-range lambs which have grazed on a grass and chicory combination and are also fed turnips to add a sweetness to the meat whilst achieving optimum fat coverage.