Racks Bar & Kitchen at HowTheLightGetsIn 2019

The world’s largest philosophy and music festival HowTheLightGetsIn will be visiting to Hay-on-Wye in May 2019, after a spectacular London debut this September. So here at Racks Bar & Kitchen, we’re already preparing ourselves for the enormous undertaking that is catering for an entire festival!

To compliment the unique programme of events including performances from rising stars of music and comedy, alongside debates and talks from authors, scientists, artists, politicians, academics and philosophers, all world-leaders in their fields – HowTheLightGetsIn provides an extremely unique offering on the UK festival scene.

Meanwhile, the Racks team will be working in a different kind of field – namely the logistics of creating an entire festival site on the banks of the River Wye – and the task of setting up a fully operational pop-up restaurant in the great outdoors. Our festival eateries will be preparing thousands of meals over the course of the weekend. And despite this challenge, we won’t be compromising on the quality of our produce or ingredients!

HowTheLightGetsIn has been described as “Europe’s answer to TED” by Total Politics, “a storming success” by New Scientist. This year, HowTheLightGetsIn took place in London for the very first time and has been shortlisted for ‘Best New Festival’ and ‘Best Hospitality’ at the UK Festival Awards.

But Hay-on-Wye has something that London doesn’t – a stunning campground at the foot of the Black Mountains. Early risers are offered a spot at our ‘Philosophy Breakfasts,’ where guests can choose from a delicious morning menu to eat whilst participating in a world-class forum for new ideas.


Where else can you find an experience like that?

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