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So you’ve read all about our manager, Colin, and found out a few of his secrets (and if you didn’t read it then read it here NOW). People loved reading all about him and we’ve seen a huge response via social media. It seems that everyone loves Colin! There are many of other faces that make up the team here at Racks and the lovely Julia has been kind enough to let us in and reveal some of her own thoughts. Read on to ‘meet’ Julia, the face behind the emails!

Racks Bristol

An Introduction
Julia has the huge responsibility of dealing with incoming enquiries to Racks. That’s everything from wedding reception enquiries to company meetings and everything in between. Here at Racks we get lots of website enquiries so Julia spends a lot of time replying to emails but there is far more to her role. She also deals with phone-call enquiries, ‘walk-in’ enquiries and works closely with the marketing team and any in-house events. She is currently working on the Rugby World Cup which is coming up this Autumn and our famous New Year’s Eve party – which already looks amazing! Julia has been with the company for the last two years and we think it’s time to get to know a bit more about her…

Venue Favourites

The first thing that I asked Julia was what her favourite thing on the Racks menu is. That’s a perk of the job; you get to eat delicious food!

“Tough question, but it’s actually changed recently – it used to be the beef Sunday Roast, but I’m a sucker for brunch, so since we launched our new brunch menu, it’s the eggs Benedict.”
I’m not entirely surprised by that answer. Those Eggs Benedict have been very popular! (Read the Saucy Pans review of them here). So after her food favourites had been discovered I asked Julia what her favourite tipple was…

“Gin and tonic – Monkey 47 gin, if I get a choice.”

Ah, yes a classic choice. Julia may or may not have been spotted perusing our Gin Lane Menu from time to time… Racks is a fun place to work and I wanted to know what fun memories had stood out to Julia so far. This is what she had to say:

“One night last summer, we had a wedding reception booked on the same evening as a hen do. The hens had hired a ‘butler in the buff’ who didn’t come changed and ready. I found space in the chef’s office for him to get ready but, having checked with the bridal party, he then had to walk through the disco of the wedding reception to get to the hen group. Halfway across the dance floor, the bride shouted loudly “Oooh, he can stay!”

That must have been some night for the wedding party and I can see why it may have stood out in Julia’s memory. We do have a lot of fun here and I’m sure that every staff member will have a story or two to tell.
So let’s find out a little more. As an integral part of the team at Racks Julia is certainly ‘in the know’. I asked her to tell us something about Racks that people might not know:

“Racks have recently invested in the power to play music via Bluetooth. Random, but surprisingly useful! “

Racks Bristol

Julia Herself

I wanted to know a little more about Julia herself and so I asked her to tell us what her guilty pleasure was:

“Musicals. Whether watching them live or as films, I love them.”

Ah, a great guilty pleasure to have, at least I think so! Anyway, we’ve found out a little more about the girl, we know a little about her role to date and the fun she likes so now I wanted to know what was on the horizon for Julia. I asked her what she was most looking forward to:

“The Balloon Fiesta! I grew up in Bristol and we used to go every year as kids. I now live near the suspension bridge so if you’re an early riser, you’ll find me on the observatory hill in the mornings to see the mass ascents as the balloonists come up over the Gorge. But the night glows are the best bits – hot air balloons lighting up in time to music. What’s not to like?”

I couldn’t agree more and as the Balloon Fiesta is now underway Julia is one very chirpy team member!
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