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The Racks Team: Vivi, the NYE Enthusiast

Meet Vivi

Vivi started out with Racks around a year ago as our Breakfast Manager but has developed her role and now works alongside the lunch team as well as managing our new Brunch sessions. In her own words, Vivi has her ‘own little team of worker bees’ and loves every minute of working with them. All of Racks’ managers love their teams but Vivi claims she has the very best with ‘some of the biggest and greatest personalities within Racks’ – that’s some claim (and also the reason that Vivi loves her job so much)! Vivi’s role has meant that she has been integral to some major changes that we’ve made recently. She was part of deciding to modernise our morning services and revamp our menu. So it’s out with the old style buffet breakfasts and in with the all new cooked to order brunch which ranges from Full English to Pancakes with Crème Fraîche .

Now that we know a little more about what Vivi does for the team, let’s find out a little more about her. I’ve asked Vivi some questions so let’s see what she has to say:

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What do you love best about working for Racks?

“We have a big team all coming from different countries, cultures and massive personalities, but everyone is such good friends and most of the staff hang-out together in their free time too. I’ve never worked in a place quite like Racks before…due to the relationships between colleagues.”
“The hospitality industry has the highest annual employee turnover so being able to be part of a team where everyone works well together is a privilege. The mastermind behind it all is Colin. I can genuinely say that I’ve not worked with such a devoted individual before.” (Read Colin’s interview here)

What is your favourite Racks memory?

“The best time I’ve had at Racks was the New Years Eve party last year. There was too much happening to even begin to tell you about it but it was the best.”

Can you tell us something funny from your time working at Racks?

“A few weeks ago one of my girls apparently had her leggings on inside-out! A guest was trying to politely tell her and she was so embarrassed, yet laughing at the same time. It was so funny that we still laugh about it sometimes, although I’m sure she won’t be laughing when she reads this!”

“One thing that we’re always laughing at is how well we all know the music play lists. I always giggle when Julia sprints past me humming along to the song playing in the background or the team break into high pitched choir type song!”

What’s your favourite item on the menu?

“There’s too much to choose from! I love the Chicken Pie and the Chicken & Bacon Salad. But if I’m picking from the Brunch menu then I’d choose Eggs Royal or the Pancakes!”

What’s your tipple?

“I’m almost ready to say coffee here, as I swear by coffee when I get in at 6.30 in the morning. Although I love a glass of SB from New Zealand or a simple pint of Ashton Press cider”

Can you tell us a fact about yourself that people won’t know?

“Not sure I’m ready to reveal my superpowers to the world just yet, haha”

“When I first moved to England in 2009 it was as an au pair, living with a Danish/English family in central London…the two young girls who are now 9 and 12 are like my two younger sisters. I always try to visit them when I go back to London…I lived in London for nearly 5 years and had some of the best times ever”

What’s your guilty pleasure?

“Think I have a few, but lately it’s that I come home from work, have a shower, eat dinner and jump to bed with a series box set. I’m currently re-watching the entire series of Gossip Girl!”

What are you looking forward to?

“Hands down – New Years Eve. Last year Racks looked amazing all ‘dressed-up for the part’ with balloons all over the ceilings, a popcorn machine, casino tables, a photo-booth and a band. Outside we had a massive marquee covering the terrace, decorated with Christmas lights, ice sculptures and the buffet. It was a brilliant evening and I cannot wait for it to be repeated this year”

So that’s Vivi! A superb addition to our Racks team and the first member of staff to beg Colin to add her name to the New Years Eve rota for 2015/16!

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