Shaun in the City Bristol

So Shaun in the City is all set to arrive on the streets of Bristol very soon now but what can we expect to see? Earlier this year I (Leanne) visited the Tower of London which was superb on its own but things got a whole lot more exciting when I spotted Shaun!

I had completely forgotten about the Shaun in the City trail as I was waiting for it to come to Bristol later in the year so when I realised that the individual Shaun’s were dotted all around the city that I was visiting, it all got very exciting indeed and we took a few unscheduled stops just to see the Shauns.

Our first ‘spot’ was Shaun-Xaio who was situated in prime position right outside the Tower of London and is sponsored by the Royal Mint which had been housed within the Tower for over 500 years.

Shaun in the City

After visiting the Tower, we went on to walk along the Thames across Tower Bridge and back across Millennium Bridge. There were Shaun’s all over the place and they all looked amazing. We didn’t go out specifically to find them but they really couldn’t be missed. I particularly liked the fact that they highlighted lots of important places, businesses and landmarks. I had my children with me that day and I’m quite sure that spotting Shauns became the best part of their day. It added a whole lot more fun to their experience and they can’t wait for the sheep to arrive in Bristol this July.

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I stumbled upon this beauty sponsored by Visit Bristol:

Shaun6 Shaun in the City


So all in all, a brilliant day trip to London was made even better by the addition of Shaun in the City. Bristol has a lot to be proud of and its involvement in this project is certainly part of that. We can’t wait for the sheep to flock to Bristol when we’ll be on the trail again. Of course, it’ll be even better as we round it off with some cold drinks and a bite to eat at Racks afterwards! Be sure to keep your eyes open for a few Shaun related treats that are set to arrive very soon!

For more information on the Bristol trail visit the Shaun in the City website here.



All images by Racks.