Beer, vodka, wine – up until a few years ago these were the most popular drinks on the market. People started experimenting with different wines and beers, different tastes and combinations for each. Then, suddenly a new trend hit the streets – gin.
Well gin lovers unite! Here we’ve compiled a list of our most recommended gins for 2017.

Hendrick’s Gin


This is where it all started. Hendrick’s really kick started the gin race, so to speak, being one of the first gins to push the boundaries with fresh and unusual botanicals. Its floral aromas and fresh taste helps it to really stand out from the standard London Dry gins. We garnish this with fresh Turkish rose petals and a slice of cucumber to intensify the tastes already resonating within it. We’d recommend this for any gin novices out there who are looking to broaden their knowledge and expand their taste buds.

Martin Miller’s


Now this is an interesting one, Martin Miller was the genius behind this particular gin (go figure!) and wanted to create something traditional yet adventurous. It is in the distillation process where Martin Miller’s Gin gets its reputation as “England Distilled, Iceland Chilled”. The gin is distilled first in Immingham and then transported via ship across the Atlantic seas to a remote village in Iceland where they combine the distilled product from England with fresh glacier spring water. Now you have to admit, that’s a pretty impressive feat. Next time you’re feeling adventurous and need a companion – you know where to turn.

Monkey 47


Pop quiz. What does the ‘47’ signify? Well, if you’re a gin enthusiast then you’ll probably have already guessed, but I’ll refresh your memory anyway. Monkey 47 originated in Germany, where an ex-army general took matters into his own hands to find a fresher and bolder taste to the gin he so loved. General Montgomery – or Monkey as he was also known – took to the black forest and gathered his own fresh fruit, leaves and berries (47 to be exact) and brewed his very own, original gin. Monkey 47 is a rush of endless flavours, garnished with fresh plum – you’re sure to be smitten with this award winning spirit just like we are.

Gin Mare


Not for the faint hearted. Gin Mare is an intense and crisp taste. Being one of the first gins to use savoury botanicals rather than citrus, this is a gin which may take some getting used to if you’re familiar with the more fruity flavoured gins. Don’t be discouraged though, we definitely still rate this as one of our favourites. So if you feel a little adventurous – Gin Mare is certainly worth a try.

The list of gins goes on, and there are always new ones to try. Summer is coming and that’s when gin really starts to shine (no pun intended). So next time you’re in why not have a try of some of our favourites, and if this has really sparked you’re interest you can keep the gin train going by sitting in on one of our Gin Masterclasses!