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Have you arranged a business meeting or training session only to find that on arrival things just don’t work? Maybe the venue space isn’t big enough or flexible, maybe equipment isn’t working? Not a great situation given all the hard work that goes into planning and preparing the sessions. If you’ve been there before then you’ll understand that getting it right from the start is essential to the success of your meeting. With over 30 years experience in hosting meetings, team building and training sessions for hundreds of local businesses and sports teams we’re here to show you how to guarantee that all your hard work pays off on the day.

Adaptability is the key

Training manager Bob Davies from Sita UK has a lifetime of experience in the world of meetings and training of staff. For him, adaptability is the key to success:

• ‘The format of a meeting needs to be adaptable. If the aim of a meeting is to spread ideas then you need to be able to tap into the creative juices of everyone involved and make them feel confident enough to speak up. If the aim is to teach people something then you’ll need to understand different learning styles and be able to react to them on the day.

• Whatever the aim is you are likely to need to feed off others during the session and get a feel for what is working and more importantly, what isn’t. If you can adapt during the session then you’ll always achieve more.

• An adaptable venue is always helpful. I’ve held sessions where some great ideas have come to the table and needed to be developed separately. If a venue can be flexible and has more than one space then I’m able to send smaller groups off to ‘break-off’ spaces to develop individual ideas.

• Having the use of outdoor space can also be really positive. Sometimes just for lunch so that people feel they are having a real break but also to take the session outdoors. A bit of fresh air and sunshine can energise people which helps to keep a positive engagement and keep things fun.

• Aside from the venue’s versatile space it’s also important that there is adaptability with their facilities. For example: I once held a meeting where the projector had stopped working and could have caused a major problem. The meeting was based around everyone needing to see the screen. The venue I had chosen had free wifi too. This meant that we were able to adapt and use WebEx to share the screens via our own laptops whilst sat around the table together. This ended up working very well indeed and highlighted the importance of flexibility.’  – Bob Davies, Sita Uk, 2015.

Meeting space in Bristol

We can only echo Bob’s advice about adaptability. In our experience the most productive meetings have always been held by those with an adaptable approach to their own meeting content and backed-up by the versatility that we offer. Racks were once a wine cellar and so it now has the benefit of several different alcoves and private areas. These are perfect for using as the ‘break-off’ areas suggested by Bob but we also see them used by ‘sub-teams’ on team building days. Our outside sun terrace is a popular spot for breakfast meetings but also gets used for lunch or BBQs at the end of training days. Our ethos has always been to promote a relaxed and happy vibe and we understand the importance of flexibility for your meetings. So if you’re planning to use some meeting space soon then remember that adaptability is the key. Be adaptable yourself and choose a venue which will be both adaptable and reliable.

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