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The Secret World of Colin, manger of Racks Bristol.

Do you want to know a bit more about the team behind Racks? We’ve got an exclusive snippet into the world of our manager, Colin. After a whopping 31 years working at Racks, Colin has been persuaded to part with some of his little secrets and guilty pleasures. Read on…

After 31 years I was curious as to exactly what makes Colin tick. What exactly is it that keeps a man working for the same company for all that time? This is what Colin had to say:

‘I LOVE the people and the team. It’s tremendous to come into the bar and see people all happy and enjoying themselves.  Also, every day is different. You get yourself all set up and prepared and then I love the challenges and the buzz of a busy bar, serving great products the way they should be.’

I must admit that I completely agree. Racks always has a great buzz and lovely feeling of camaraderie and it does make it a pleasure to be there. After finding out what Colin loves I wanted to delve a little further. I asked him to reveal his favourite type of customer:

‘Smiling people who come out to enjoy themselves and have fun’

Racks has been part of the community for over 30 years and that’s exactly what we’re about: creating good times. So, after talking about the customers and what Colin loves about working here, I asked him to tell us what his favourite item from the menu is. Now maybe I shouldn’t have asked this, after all a manager promotes and believes in the entire menu but I wanted to know more about him, the man behind the manager. Colin found this tough to answer…

‘ Tough one but if pushed, really pushed…The Rib Eye Steak, with Peppercorn Sauce cooked medium rare. I prefer this with veggies rather than salad, not really a salad guy if I’m honest!’

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(Image c/o Francis Taylor Photography)

So as manager of a bustling bar with friendly people you’d expect a guy to have tried a lot of different drinks but what is Colin’s favourite tipple?

‘This is an easy one, God’s own water, a pint of Guinness.’

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OK that one may not have been as much of a secret reveal (Colin loves his Guinness and shouts about it) but we’ve got some juicier bits coming next. When I say juicier, we’re talking guilty pleasures. Yep, I got him to reveal his two guilty pleasures and here’s what they are:

1 – Chocolate

2 – Watching Corrie

OK who’s with him on those two?

Colin is a great lover of sport (probably another reason that he loves working here, he gets to watch it live on our screens) but I wanted to know which was his favourite. He didn’t narrow this one down to just one but this is what he had to say:

‘I love most sports as long as they are competitive. Favourites of mine are cricket, football  and Rugby Union. I can’t wait for the RWC to start and Ireland have a real chance to win it – maybe more Guinness to celebrate? Chelsea are my footie team, Gloucestershire my cricket team then Bristol Rugby Club and Ulster Rugby are my rugby teams.’

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For someone who puts on a great party, I hadn’t seen Colin up dancing. This got me curious and so I asked him what song would tempt him into those dancing shoes…

‘Now dancing is one thing I don’t do, even after several pints of Guinness, not tempted, sorry!’

I see a challenge coming on. Can we find something to tempt Colin up onto that dance floor?

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Lastly, 31 years must have created some fantastic memories. I wanted to end by asking Colin to share his very favourite memory with us:

‘I have far too many great memories to mention, but the one outstanding was the morning England won the RWC in 2003. We were watching the game live on our screens and the atmosphere was amazing. The bar was packed and at the end of the game Mark ( Ronnie)  Regan, England’s hooker that day,  was filmed on the pitch and shouting into the camera. He was shouting “Racks, Racks,” straight into the camera, to us. Then he donated one of the England shirts to Racks for charity , well done Mark..’

Colin – you can re-live that moment by watching this!


What a fantastic memory to keep! So there you have it, a little look into Colin, the man behind the Racks manager and a few of his secrets. The one thing that was clear when we talked about Colin’s long service to Racks was his expectation of a large clock or similar presentation in the near future… erm, I’ll get Jamie (our General Manager) on to that one Colin!

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