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Have you ever gone out to enjoy a fantastic steak night in a restaurant only to find that you’re not sure what to ask for? Then you’re in need of a steak guide. What exactly is ‘medium rare’ or ‘well done’ anyway? Often the lines between differently cooked steaks can get blurred which makes it tricky to place your order. If you’re a steak lover like us then you’ll know that a great steak can feel ruined if it’s not spot on, it needs to be exactly as YOU like it. This steak guide will show you exactly how our head chef Pete does it so you won’t have any confusion when ordering your steak again.

We found this really helpful image which shows some juicy steaks cooked just how we do them:

Steak Guide

(Image: traegergrills.com)

For the serious steak lovers, we go one better. If you’re after the ‘cave-man’ experience then opt for our gorgeous Blue Steak and we’re sure you’ll be impressed. Just be warned, it’s practically mooing!

Steak Guide: Blue Steak

(Image: fitzpatricksbutchers.com)

Now that you know exactly what each steak looks like, you’ll be able to order with confidence and be sure to get the perfect steak for you. Our famous 30 day matured Rib Eye Steak is served with hand cut chips and slow roasted tomatoes and can be viewed on our Main Menu.

You Might Like To Know…
We have a Steak Night offer every single Thursday night from 5pm onwards. You can book a table here.

Steak Night in Bristol

Where Do Our Steaks Come From?
We get our beef from the wonderful Ruby & White butchers who say that their ‘gloriously marbled meat’ with ‘unrivalled…flavour and texture’ is sourced from a small selection of West Country farms. It really is the best and as a result, our delicious Rib Eye Steak is almost ‘to die for!’
Find out more about Ruby and White meat here.