Your St Patricks Day playlist sorted

St Patricks Day brings about many celebrations across the world, and whether you’re a traditionalist or superstitiously sporting your all green attire, the chances are you’re gonna need a playlist to complement the day. Here we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 Irish songs that we believe are a must for your St Patricks Day party!


U2 – It wouldn’t be a playlist without these legends! You could add just about any of their songs to your Paddy’s Day playlist but we’ve managed to narrow it down to these 3 classics! Beautiful Day, With or Without you, Sunday bloody Sunday


The Cranberries – Again, how could we claim this as a St Patricks Day playlist without The Cranberries? Zombie & Linger have made it on to our must-have playlist.


The Pogues – Ah, need we say more. They’re a household name when Christmas time comes around, but these guys are also a necessary addition to our St Paddy’s Day playlist. Dirty Old Town, Fairytale of New York

Dropkick Murphys –It won’t take long for you to understand why this band has made it onto our list. Just listen to the intro to both of these; The Spicy Mchaggis Jig and I’m shipping up to Boston


B*Witched – Now this is bringing back the memories! A bit of a 90’s throw back, if you don’t sing along then there’s an issue. Say you will, say you won’t. C’est La Vie

Thin Lizzy – Typically thought to be a Metallica classic, Thin Lizzy are the true masters for this throwback tune. Of course either rendition is great, we decided to stick to the original for an authentic Irish feel. Whisky in the jar


Flogging Molly – This band screams St Patrick’s Day, and they’re sweet Irish tunes are a definite must for our top 20 this year!

Drunken Lullabies, If I ever leave this world alive

Celtic Woman – Take a break with this beautiful rendition of the immortal ‘Danny Boy


The Dubliners – The name says it all doesn’t it? This Irish folk band will give you the true Irish feel that you need for Paddy’s Day. The Irish Rover, Molly Malone

Steve Earle –It has to be done. Is there anything better than an Irish love song? Galway Girl

Snow Patrol –Another throwback and sing along for everyone. This one’s for the draw down to the night, with arms thrown around each other and a gentle sway going on. Chasing Cars

Great Big Sea/Van Morrison – These last couple of tunes are absolute classics and are sure to get the festive juices flowing and are an epic throwback! So enjoy the smooth melody and sing along to those memorable lyrics! Ordinary Day, Brown eyed Girl


There’s a bit of everything and something for everyone in this list, to ensure you and your entourage enjoy the Paddy’s day celebrations. And if you’re sticking here in Bristol, pop on in to Racks Bar and Kitchen and enjoy some of our Irish themed booze, food and tunes! Full details here Check out our Spotify playlist to listen in on these awesome tracks.

Check out our SPOTIFY PLAYLIST of all of these songs HERE