Summer Spritzer Cocktails at Racks


Ah summer, you will never cease to amaze. The sun comes out, the birds start singing, the air is fresh – and in Bristol there are some truly unbelievable places to spend a lovely summers day.. or night! This year we decided there was no better way to pay tribute to this glorious season than with 6 delicious spritzer cocktails!


Aperol Spritz

A staple aperitif on all British pub menus – Aperol is a one of a kind fruity mix that truly heightens your summer spirit. We love it here at Racks, and this particular crowd pleaser has been on our menu for many summers past. Served in an elegant GIANT wine glass, we toss in a bit of Aperol over some ice, top it up half way with another summer fave, Prosecco, then finish it off with a glug of soda and then neatly garnished with a slice of fresh orange  -to truly bring out those summer fruit flavours. We promise this won’t disappoint – just add sun, a terrace and some good company and jobs a good’n!


English Garden Spritz

What says summer more than the smell of a blooming English garden? This cocktail. We’ve added several firm favourites to this luscious concoction. Let us set the scene – you enter the bar, we see you, you see us. It’s destiny; we pull out the Hendricks gin and pour it over some ice, next comes the Prosecco, then soda – but wait! We’re not finished, you gasp. We pull out the Elderflower cordial and add a touch right before garnishing with a slice of cucumber and a pretty rose petal. It’s done. You grab it in both hands, take a sip – you’re not in a bar anymore, you’re in heaven.


Pink Gin Spritz

Pink gin has only just arrived to the party, but it’s been a big hit among the punters! If you’re a newbie to the gin world then this one is for you, it’s got a slightly sweeter taste and mixes well with tonic or lemonade. For this Spritz cocktail though we’ve gone that extra mile and added the classic prosecco with a touch of soda. It’s a must try for any gin lover, but also anyone who just wants that delightful tang of bubbly with a hint of sweetness. Mmm.. serve it up Mr Barman.


Next, bring in the fruit. These next 3 Spritzers were inspired by those gorgeous summer fruits that we all love and need in our lives. Blood orange, Rhubarb and Raspberry. Is there anything more summery than that? So pull up a chair in the sun, and take a look at these three luscious cocktails your mouth will be watering before we can say, ‘How can I help you?’

Blood Orange Spritz

Orange gin mixed with prosecco



Rhubarb Spritz

Rhubarb Gin mixed with prosecco and garnished with fresh ginger


Raspberry Spritz

Prosecco and a beautiful concoction of Raspberry Coulee


So there you have it, your summer is sorted. If you’re ready to try something a little different then look no further – we’ve got all kinds of offers happening throughout this summer BBQ season! Pop in today for a chat and a spritzer! Be sure to book a table to make sure you get a seat.