Team Building in Bristol

Are you looking to organise some team building in Bristol and looking for a little help? With over 30 years experience working among the local community we have built up some great relationships and hosted many team building events as well as social gatherings for local businesses. This simple blog post is going to show you all you need to know.

What is the purpose of your event? Are you trying to get everyone to work better as a team, bond with each other or just build morale? It’s important to identify what you hope to achieve from the day.

Pick a location that’s not too tricky to get to but that is also a little different. Make it stand out from other things that you’ve done – it will help set the right mood for the day.

Talk to the venue organisers about your team building event and find out what they can do for you. If you’re coming to Racks then we urge you to let us know what it is you want to achieve and we may just have a few suggestions to help you out.

Team Building needs an activity. Nobody fancies sitting around a table just talking about work but everybody livens up when you add in an activity and make it fun. Here at Racks we offer Masterclass sessions in either Gin or Ale. These have been booked for many team building activities and have proved to be a huge success!  You can book this activity for your team where we’ll teach them everything that they need to know. We’ll offer little facts, visual stimulation and of course tasting sessions! It may be a little different from your average work day out but this one really stands out and everyone loves it. Obviously you might want to pick your times to suit your working hours and perhaps fit our Masterclass in nearer the end of the day!


See some of our mixing skills in this fantastic little video made by Clifton Hotels


So you’ve picked what you want to achieve, where you are going to do it and what amazing, fun activity you’re going to do. Now all you have to do is book in a date and enjoy your team building in Bristol.

If you’d like to book with us then drop us an email: and it’s likely that the lovely Julia will get in touch to make your day just perfect.


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