With 1 week to go until the Christmas Party season, get prepared to witness some awkward dancing, horrendous disco tunes and of course, the dreaded Christmas party speech! This year we have narrowed down the top 5 Christmas party cliches to avoid so you can tick them off, while having a giggle, and reminiscing about last year’s Christmas party!

The group of people who are glued to their phones


Of course, we can all understand a festive selfie or two and a quick gander at Facebook to check you aren’t tagged in any awful photos yet… But there’s always someone who takes it too far. Just make sure you aren’t sat with the culprits!

The one who buys the awful secret Santa gift


Secret Santa is always a gamble and there’s no telling what you’ll open! We’ve all experienced the dread Christmas socks at our office christmas parties! Let’s hope it’s someone else this year!

The Christmas party speech


All of a sudden, before you know it the boss stands up, clinks his glass and you realise it’s time for the Christmas party speech! Each year the speech reminds you that there’s a tough year ahead. Talk about being a party pooper. This is something you definitely don’t need while you’re enjoying your Christmas party!

The colleague with cringeworthy dancing


There’s always one (usually the person we least expect) who breaks out some hilarious dance moves! After getting a few laughs with video evidence, things tend to go a little too crazy, eventually making everyone avert their eyes.

The one who drinks too much


It can be hard to say no when the boss arranges a bar tab. Although it can only lead to an embarrassing situation! And it won’t be forgotten until next year’s party.

If you haven’t booked your Bristol Christmas party, we still have some dates left! You’re welcome to contact us, we will be happy to help! And don’t fret, we won’t be throwing a party full of cliches at Racks.