The best place to look for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers, or just a treat to get you in the Christmas spirit. German Christmas Markets are the place to go, and Bristol has one of the best, especially when it is lit with lights on a cold evening. Here is a list of a few of the best things on sale for you to look out for.


Fresh gingerbread is one of the best treats, great for kids and adults, perfect to put in a stocking or to snack on as you browse the other market stalls. Genuine German gingerbread is second to none so make sure you stock up while you can.

Sugared Nuts

Another delicacy of the market, these are best warm and fresh as the nut remains soft with the sugar providing the crunch. Great for sharing with others on cold winter evenings. Alternatives have chocolate or caramel coats.

Mulled Cider

An alternative to ginger or mulled wine, mulled cider is a warm drink to help keep you feeling cosy. It has infusions of sugar to help stop the apples give it a sour taste.

Wooden Toys

There will be an abundance of these, most will be handmade and will come in everything from figures and animals to implements such as spoons and toy swords. They look exceptional and will last a lot longer than standard plastic toys.


It is Christmas after all, so why not get a few decorations from one of the most Christmassy places. Everything from baubles to candles there is something for everyone to help make their home more festive.

New Years Eve Ticket

This one you can’t buy at the market, but it’s still a great stocking filler for your better half. With Free drinks included with your ticket all night, we’re sure this will put a smile on their face on Christmas morning. Purchase your ticket here.