Here at Racks we love a good party, and we know most of you do too! However especially when parties involve lots of family and friends it is likely that not everyone will get on! So here are some fun games to get everyone together and involved this Christmas!

1. Charades

Everyone loves this game, you just can’t beat it! But why not put a Christmas spin on it by using Carols, or only Christmas movies or songs!

2. Hot Potato

Pass around a wrapped gift. When the music stops, whoever holds it is out of the game. The last person left gets to unwrap it! Alternatively the person holding the gift when the music stops keeps the gift and then a new one is added to party.

3. Snowman Building Competition

This one depends on the weather, but if it does snow this is one of the best games. Sure to get people together and the competition going! Can be done in teams or individually depending on your party size! Can be judged on speed or design!

4. Gift Wrap/Unwrap Relay

Line up a number of gifts to be either wrapped or unwrapped. Which ever team does it the quickest wins!

5. Pin The Nose On Rudolf

Essentially pin the tail on the donkey but with a Christmas twist! This is a great one to keep the kids entertained!

6. Christmas Tree Dress Up

Using wrapping paper, ornaments, tinsel, and anything else you can find, decorate someone as a Christmas tree. Best done in teams, and the fastest or best tree wins!

7. Two Truths And A Lie

Great for when new people are meeting each other or getting to know old friends again! Each person tells two stories about themselves, two of which are true and one that is a lie. A great Christmas twist is to name their three worst Christmas gifts, two being true and one being a lie.

Lots of these games can be played at home or at office parties! Here at Racks we love seeing our party guests getting involved, so if you still haven’t booked your Christmas party then look no further than here!