Clifon with its numerous green spots provides amazing picnic opportunities. Great locations for picnics in Clifton includes Brandon Hill and Berkeley Square.

What’s better than sitting out in nature, enjoying some company and a plate full of delicious food? Here are some key tips to make your picnic perfect!


Make a checklist of everything that you might need to take, ranging from the really obvious stuff like food and drink to the things you’d normally forget such as a bottle opener, insect repellent or sunscreen.


The perfect picnic spot should have level ground, be not too busy. It’s always good if there is some shade and, if there are kids, an open area or playground.

Look for lovely linens

Find a colorful tablecloth or sheet even for you to lay out on. You want something large that will cover the ground well and give you lots of space, plus feel fresh and inviting.


Add some musical ambiance

Music is a great way to add mood to your picnic. Bring a radio, your favourite hits, speakers or headphones, even a guitar if you wish.

Fresh flowers are fun!

Why not set out a vase of fresh flowers? It will really set the tone of this fun and fresh picnic and make it feel special.

Food and drinks

ROMANTIC: Seafood, strawberries, bubbly
BRITISH: Scotch eggs, Cornish pasties, cucumber sandwiches, pork pies, Battenberg cake, scones, quiche, cheese and pickle
MEDITERRANEAN: Cured meats, cheeses, roasted vegetables, olives, tapas dishes, breads
MIDDLE EASTERN: Pita bread, tabbouleh, hummus, figs and goat’s curd salad

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