Vera runs the Racks Facebook page

After the successful introduction of several other members of our team we feel that it is time to introduce you to some of the team which expand across our community. If you missed it before then we had a really fun chat with our manager Colin which is a must-read and also introduced the lovely Julia and bubbly Vivi in their own posts too. If you haven’t read them then you should definitely do that now.

So now you’re up to date with some of the key members in Racks, let’s introduce you to Vera. In her own words, this is what Vera does:

‘I started as a Marketing Intern for Racks and was lucky enough to be offered to continue working for the company as a Digital Marketing Assistant. This involves me running things like the Racks Facebook page, our Google + profile, our Pinterest boards, marketing emails and so on. I have also recently started the social media platforms for Quarter. Quarter is our community of independent hotels, suites, short-lets, cafes, bars, restaurants (including Racks) and creative studios’

With such a diverse range of activities to organise I asked Vera what the best thing about working for the company was. Her answer was easy and rather similar to what many others have said:

‘I love the team, it feels amazing to go to work and always find smiling, happy people around you – they’re also very professional. I also love the food; I never get tired of the food from Racks! (The Racks Burger and the Chilli Beef Pie are my favourites).’

With such a happy, friendly smile it was only natural for me to be drawn into asking Vera about the fun that she has outside of work. First up, I asked her what her favourite tipple is:

‘I really love GIN and, obviously, wine!’

No wonder Vera loves working at Racks so much then. Our fantastic range of Gins and wines are perfect for a wind-down after work! As work is clearly a fun place to be I wondered what funny things Vera thinks of when considering Racks:

‘We all know the lyrics of every song on every playlist! So it can be really funny sometimes as we all burst into song together!’

Vera Azerro

So what about Vera’s guilty pleasure then, we’ve all got one!

‘I’m Italian and over there we normally eat much later than I do in the UK. As I eat so much earlier here I often find myself enjoying an Italian version of a midnight snack – midnight Spaghetti (Spaghettata di Mezzanotte)!’

Sounds like a very tasty guilty pleasure! So lastly, what else does Vera do in her spare time?

‘I love to experiment new things! It could be anything from attempting to cook Asian recipes to attending a meditation class, master classes in gin or wine and cheese tasting evenings. When I get holidays then travelling is my choice! In the last 4 years I have visited over 18 countries in 3 continents.’

So there you have it, a little insight into the world of Vera from what she does for us and the wider community to how she spends her free time. Have you been getting social with Vera on Facebook?